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  • Ashley McWilliams (Wednesday, February 02 22 08:04 pm EST)

    Our first time using this service and we couldn’t be more happy! Our dog looks great but more importantly, he was not stressed out from the experience. Our groomer was caring and so sweet with our Zeke. Thank You!

  • M Craig (Saturday, October 02 21 10:44 am EDT)

    Our dog loves being groomed by Critter Critters. Bath, nail trimmed, teeth brushed, ears cleaned for a very reasonable price...and at the convenience of our home. Reliable & friendly service.

  • Anthony Romero (Friday, October 01 21 07:53 pm EDT)

    These guys are wonderful Kelly my specialist is so sweet with my little Princess Shawneey my little girl just loves her she takes the extra time and is so careful and just gives her love I really love these guys they are awesome awesome I can't say enough you can't go wrong by trusting your fur babies in the hands as he's wonderful people

  • Beth Truesdell (Saturday, July 17 21 04:37 pm EDT)

    Huge thank you and kudos to Scott with Critter Sitters! He was able to meet and greet the morning I was leaving to be with my dad (on end of life care). Scott understood the urgency of the situation and my need to know my cats would be well-cared for in my absence. I didn't have to worry about their care during a very difficult time. When I returned home to the report card for Romeo and Rylee, it was a relief to find they had behaved exactly as described and had caused no problems. I will definitely recommend Critter Sitters and be calling again.

  • Char Krueger (Wednesday, October 23 19 05:11 pm EDT)

    Very pleased with this service! Kay does a fantastic job on my 2 dogs!🤗

  • James Bakk (Thursday, May 31 18 09:36 am EDT)

    I have heard good things about Critter Clippers and I really wanted to use them for my Austrian Shepherd. The problem is when I call it always goes to voice mail they won't answer their cell phones. I guess they don't need the business

  • Stephanie (Tuesday, September 26 17 02:28 pm EDT)

    I have two reactive German Shepherds and haven't had any luck with getting them groomed because of the stress it places on them. I call Critter Clippers and I spoke with Scott and set up an appointment. Scott was super helpful and reassuring! April was the groomer who came to my home and she was amazing! She understood what my concerns were and had an excellent understanding of dog behavior and the breed. She groomed both of them in less time than was anticipated and my dogs were happy and looked amazing! I can't recommend them enough! I know I'm finally relieved to have found a groomer who cares for my dogs as much as I do! You definitely can't go wrong with Critter Clippers! I know have a monthly standing appointment with them for my two dogs!

  • Shirley Crouch (Friday, April 14 17 09:26 am EDT)

    I have lived in many places and Critterclippers is the best groomer hands down. We have a very large dog and a little one, the smaller dog gets car sick, with this being said it is so nice to have the service at your front door. They do a beautiful job grooming and they care. They are so kind and are quick so our dogs aren't completely worn out when they are done. They do what they say and always very much on time. They make my life and my dogs lives much easier!

  • NB (Thursday, March 23 17 10:08 pm EDT)

    Kelly is consistently wonderful, and keeps our pets looking beautiful!

  • Katy C (Wednesday, March 15 17 04:36 pm EDT)

    I love how April grooms my bichon Daisy and my maltese Dudley, but what is so special about her is that she loves my dogs as much as I do! I trust her and am so happy we have her to groom our dogs. Critter Clippers have been grooming our dogs for years and we wouldn't have any other groomer for our dogs. It's convenient, reasonably priced and the best cut in town!!

  • Deborah Hass (Friday, March 10 17 06:21 pm EST)

    Four paws up! Caring efficient, punctual. My girl loves her stylist April. No sitting and waiting for is. They do a terrific job!

  • Deborah H (Friday, March 10 17 06:14 pm EST)

    Best ever! Caring, professional, punctual. My fur baby loves her stylist, April. No sitting at a groomer all day for my girl. They listen to your concerns and need and the animal is no. 1 with Critter Clippers!

  • dmw (Friday, March 10 17 01:07 pm EST)

    I have two pekineses that love to be outdoors and they get very dirty. Critter Clippers does a great job every spring to give them a lion haircut for the hot summer. THANK YOU THANK YOU saves me a lot of time and frustration

  • Sydney O. (Thursday, March 09 17 11:39 am EST)

    We love April and the great work she does with our dog! Both my husband and I are gone throughout the day working so it is so nice to not have to worry about getting to the appointment! I can tell that our dog is very comfortable with April! We love Critter Clippers and plan to keep using them for years to come!

  • Margaret Wilson (Friday, May 27 16 02:47 pm EDT)

    April does a fantastic job with Maisie. We rescued Maisie at the age of 9 and she was very abused. April has the patience to spend with Maisie to make her pretty.

  • Melanie (Saturday, April 09 16 12:57 pm EDT)

    We would like to praise our groomer April for her wonderful care and meticulous pride in her work. She has always been reliable, professional, and compassionate with our dogs. She is a valuable asset
    to Critter Clippers.

  • Debra (Monday, February 08 16 08:23 pm EST)

    I first used Critter Sitters pet sitting services in 2008. It is perfect for my pack (I now have three dogs and three cats).

    One of my dogs, Tillie, is fearful of strangers, especially men. Critter Sitters sent me one of the most intuitive women where it comes to my dogs that I've met. Not only that, but they have sent the
    same sitter each time I have used them over the years.

    Karen knows just what it means for Tillie to actually eat in front of her, or to come to her for attention.

    My other pets are fine with just anyone, but I'm so grateful that Critter Sitters recognizes that sometimes pets have special needs and they've always made me feel confident that my pack will be well
    cared for.

  • Sue be (Friday, January 29 16 09:02 am EST)

    April is always so patient & compassionate with our 12 year old collie. He always comes out of the van looking like the show dog he is! She is so talented!!! we sure appreciate u April!!

  • Charlotte N (Saturday, January 23 16 11:42 am EST)

    Critter Sitters has provided excellent care to my dobermans. Scott/Karen walked Annie & Ethan for nearly 10 years weekly and when I was gone. Always dependable and I love the notes. More
    important is how I can see the dogs loved seeing them and were always relaxed. Critter Sitters is now my first choice for my new doberman, Dean.

  • Andi Peterson (Tuesday, January 19 16 07:35 pm EST)

    We have used Critter Sitters for several years now, and it feels so wonderful and reassuring to have their care for our fur-babies! They are so caring that we are often greeted with furry faces
    asking "where is our Critter Sitter?", instead of "welcome home"!

  • Sue B (Monday, January 11 16 09:21 pm EST)

    Critter Sitters has been really wonderful for our two cats. The boys absolutely hated going to a kennel and would get so stressed that we were stressed and worried the whole time we were gone. We
    have one cat who needs a pill twice a day. I know I can count on these folks to make sure he gets his meds regularly. They also bring in the mail and paper making our house look lived in when we
    aren't home. Now we can travel and enjoy ourselves knowing we will come home to relaxed and happy cats.

  • Bill C (Saturday, January 09 16 03:15 pm EST)

    We have used Critter Clippers exclusively for nearly 10 years and through two generations of dogs. Bernie serviced our account until she left to be a full-time mom, and was followed by April. Both of
    these groomers do an exceptional job of grooming. But beyond that, they truly have loved our animals, making the dogs happy to see them arrive. One of our now-deceased dogs was a difficult customer,
    but he learned to trust the gals from Critter Clippers. We would not recommend any other grooming company, mobile or brick and mortar, in Lincoln.

  • Sondra T. (Thursday, January 07 16 10:59 am EST)

    We love Karen! We travel out of town somewhat regularly and it's great to know that Karen can come check on our cats, feed, and love them while we're gone! She provides lots of detail so we know how
    the cats did while we were away. We love having this service available so we don't have to take our animals out of our home while we're gone! Thank you!!

  • Margie W (Wednesday, January 06 16 02:04 pm EST)

    I highly recommend Critter groomers. We adopted Maisie 3 years ago. She came from a very bad situation. Kelly has done a great job with her.

  • Christine H. (Wednesday, January 06 16 01:25 pm EST)

    I moved to Lincoln a few years ago, and I had no one to watch my dogs. Critter Sitters has been a wonderful service. My dogs don't like staying in kennels, and I feel safe leaving them at home when
    I'm out of town because I know Critter Sitters will take care of them. They take great care of my pets, provide them with their medications as well as walks, food, and playtime. I highly recommend
    these folks.

  • Marla B (Wednesday, January 06 16 10:50 am EST)

    I highly recommend Critter Clippers mobile grooming! Our little Yorkipoo is no longer stressed for days after getting his hair cut. We love the convenience of mobile grooming coming to our house but
    it's all about our little Max being happy and stress free. Kelly is an amazing groomer. She is always on time, she calmed my nerves on the first visit, and says Max is such a sweet boy. Thank you

  • Lora B. (Wednesday, January 06 16 10:26 am EST)

    I love the convenience of Critter Clippers! Their van drives up in my driveway, and Biscuit just trots out and has her 'spa' treatment for an hour, and comes right back in the house. Her groomer is a
    caring and wonderful person, and treats Biscuit with a lot of respect. I don't have to travel anywhere, and she never has to wait hours for her turn with a groomer.

  • Sandy B (Wednesday, January 06 16 10:03 am EST)

    We have been with Critter Clippers for almost 6years. We had Berni first and now April. We r very happy with how Harley looks. We feel she is taken care of and that April cares for her. Couldn't b

  • Joan H. (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:54 am EST)

    Critter Clippers / Critter Sitters has taken care of my pets for years. Started with only one cat, and now they occasionally care for our fish and birds as well as 4 cats. We've also used the clipper
    service for our 1/2 Maine Coone when he gets his "summer cut". They are dependable, thorough, and friendly. I highly recommend their services for sitting and for clipping.

  • Pamela M. (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:54 am EST)

    Critter Sitters has provided a wonderful experience for my three large dogs - they love their sitter and I can relax knowing that they are well taken care of when I need to be away. Critter Sitters
    was also there when I needed them when a family member suffered a serious illness and I was called away numerous times - thanks Critter Sitters for being there for me and my family.

  • Julie A. (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:53 am EST)

    I have used Crittter Sitters for some time now and am extremely satisfied with their services. Karen is great, and always available when I call at the last minute. I always trust that they will be on
    time and that Ginger will be well taken care of. Thanks Critter Sitters!

  • Dale G (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:53 am EST)

    We have three dogs ; a wirefox,welch and cairn terriers. We became clients in Aug 2014 and our experience has been very positive. The groomers Kelly & April are experienced & professional.
    The dogs look great , are happy and well taken care of. The cost is fair, the convience of at home grooming solves scheduleing and transportation issues I do not hesitate to recommend Critter
    Clippers as our result has been excellent

  • Judy M. (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:52 am EST)

    I have a beautiful persian cat with probably the thickest and longest hair ever! Other groomers told me they couldn't handle him with 3 people and would have to put him to sleep in order to groom
    him. Not wanting to go that route I called Critter Clippers and Kelly to the rescue - she was gentle and had him totally under control while she did a fantastic job of grooming my beautiful cat. I
    will never use anyone else - thank you Critter Clippers!!!!

  • Melanie C (Tuesday, January 05 16 03:09 pm EST)

    Our pets have had wonderful results from the grooming staff at Critter Clippers. The groomers have been conscientious, courteous, timely, and accommodating. Our dogs tend to be nervous little
    stinkers but the staff handles them with lots of TLC. I highly recommend their services.

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