In-Home Pet Care

Pets are happiest when they're at home. Agreeing to have our service means that you've taken important steps to ensure their happiness and comfort while you are away. We will make every attempt to keep your pet(s) within their regular routine. You will find that by hiring us, your pet(s) have acquired a new friend and that you have found someone you can trust and will be of great help to you.


Mini-Visit - 15-20 minute visit, 1-2 visits/day. This is a basic maintenance program that is mainly used for anti-social or very old pets that do not care whether we are there or not and just need the necessities done for them. There is no TLC or exercise guaranteed with this service. If there is medication to be given the pet must be very receptive to taking it or else more time will be needed to ensure that it is given to them during the visit. Property protection is included barring extensive requests.


Regular Visit - 30 minute visit. The normal routine of the pet, exercise (dog walking), medication administration, and property protection (described below), are included in the service at no extra cost.


Super Sit - 45 minute visit. This service is very good for pets that like a lot of attention and/or exercise, or if you have a large family of pets and additional time is needed to address all of their needs. For dogs that are very active and LOVE their walks, this service is highly recommended. The long walk will wear them out and allow them to relax at home, which will reduce their anxiety level between visits.



Mini Visit


Regular Visit


Super Sit



We do not charge per pet, only per visit so you can tailor the program to fit your pets' needs. You can get 1-4 visits/day.


You are welcome to mix and match these services too, as long as it sufficiently meets the needs for your pet situation.


The Coast is Clear!


Remember this price includes individual love and attention for your pet(s), piece of mind, convenience, and no stress for both you and your pet(s). Plus, someone is watching over your house and property while you are away and can alert you immediately if something goes awry.


Property Protection - During these services, at no extra cost, we will perform basic household chores/duties for your convenience and security. These services can be bringing in the mail and/or newspaper, watering plants, rotating lights, taking out trash or recycling bins, filling a birdfeeder, or turning a TV/Radio on and off at different visits. Whatever you need, just ask. No we're not mowing anybody's lawn...


*Because of gas prices, a small gas surcharge may be applied to areas in outlying areas of Lincoln. You will be told ahead of time if this applies to you.*

Dog Walking

Did You Say WALK?

A 30 or 15 minute walk (morning, mid-day, or early evening). If your dog is in a kennel all day, needs a potty/exercise break in the middle of the day, or likes to test the strength of your shoulder joint, we can help with all of your dog walking needs. There is the option for longer walks.


Regular Dog Walk - 30 minute dog walk in your neighborhood. This is for bigger more high energy dogs that need to get some good exercise. It gives them a nice break in the middle of the day and provides enough exercise to be able to sleep better while they wait for you to come home.


Potty Break - 15 minute walk around the block or playtime in the backyard. This is a great service for younger dogs that can't handle a really long walk and still need a break to go potty, hence the name. Also, this works well for people who have to make trips home from work to let their dog out to go potty during their lunch hour, consequently cutting their "lunch hour? into a "lunch 20 minutes? because of the travel time at one of the busiest traffic times during the day. Let us know if we can help.

I LOVE Walk Time with My Pet Sitter!

Potty Break

15-20 Min Walk


Dog Walks

30-40 Min Walk


Ready Key Program

It is the highest compliment we can receive from a customer to allow us to retain the keys to their house. So, as a thank you, this program is designed to allow you to take advantage of many perks other customers are not eligible for. If you choose, we will retain keys you provide, code, and secure them in our office as a complimentary service. This enables you to take advantage of:

  • Reservations for future services with less than a 72-hour notice.
  • No more hassles exchanging keys with your sitter.
  • No extra fees for having the sitter pick them up or you having to schedule a time to drop them off to the office before your trip.
  • Lockout service for your protection.
    (In the unfortunate event you are locked out of your home, we will have your keys for you as a backup.)

Mobile Grooming

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In-Home Pet Care

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