Regular Groom - One-on-one grooming from start to finish in the convenience of your driveway.


Bigger dogs and double coated dogs could take 1.5 hours or 2 hours in extreme cases.  Please check with the office or groomer if you are unsure.  However, Labrador Retrievers and other shorthaired big breeds only take an hour.


$62.00/Hour - Grooming Rate (Most breeds take only 1 Hour to groom)**

$25.00 - Convenience Fee (Since we're mobile, this is the operation cost)

$87.00 - Total

This includes the following:

*Full Bath & Dry

*Clipping and Hand-Scissoring


*Clipping Toe Nails

*Cleaning Ears Out


Quick Clip - Some breeds will take only 30 minutes to groom because of their short hair and small size.  In this case the grooming fee will be reduced.  


$52.00 - Grooming Rate (Most breeds take only 1 Hour to groom)

$25.00 - Convenience Fee (Since we're mobile, this is the operation cost)

$77.00 - Total


Multiple Dogs/Same Location - When there is more than one dog at an appointment you will get to see some savings. It is still $25.00 Convenience Fee for the first dog, but ONLY $10.00 MORE for each additional dog after the first!

No-Shed Program - Believe it or not, if you sign up for this program we will guarantee that 90% of all the loose hair will always be taken from your pets coat and out of your house. You will not have Fuzzy Fido's fur flying in your face or coffee anymore. We will set your pet up for a grooming every 4 Weeks. This will allow us to maintain your pets coat and loose fur so it doesn't continue to be a side dish at your evening meal. Ask the office or groomer about this program and we'll tell you all about it and get you all set up.

Convenience Fee - Ask yourself what it is worth to you to not spend your time and gas taking your pet to and from the groomers, during your busy day. Your gas is worth a lot these days, and we know your time is valuable too.

Also, what is it worth to you to keep your pet in a one-on-one grooming situation for a minimal amount of time and then brought right back to their place of comfort - home? This amount ($25.00)** is all we require to come to your pet and give them the total spa experience right in your driveway. Bringing the best in comfort and convenience to both of you.


*Convenience Fee is only $10.00 more for each additional pet after the first!


**if your dog happens to take longer that the normal hour due to it's size, age, behavior, condition, we will prorate the additional time needed based on the $62.00/hour rate.

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