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New Customers - Please contact us by e-mail, or call our office during office hours to inquire about service if you do not have a username and password assigned to you and you would like to begin service with us.  Please do not try to access the system without calling the office first.


Existing Customers - If you are already a current client of Critter Sitters and have set things up with the office at sometime in the past, please click on the graphic below,   "Critter Sitters of Lincoln Reservations", to make your reservations.  Use the username and password provided to you if this is your first time.  Once you have logged in you may change them to whatever you wish.  Please make note of your username and password if you choose to change it so you don't forget it the next time you need to place a pet care request.  Feel free to make any changes to your already existing customer file, or to place your pet care request with our system.

Mobile Grooming

Phone: 402-580-5588

In-Home Pet Care

Proudly Serving Lincoln's Pets Since 2004

Office Hours:             Mon-Sat 8am - 4pm 

Phone: 402-580-5588

Critter Clippers/Critter Sitters

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