Critter Clippers - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you groom big dogs too?

Yes, as the saying goes, big or small we groom them all.  Our facilites allow us to groom pets of any size.

I have a senior pet, will this be a good option for him/her?

Actually, this is a perfect service for senior pets.  All of our facilities, including the hydraulic table, the ramp leading to the tub, the soothing music, and much more are there to help reduce the stress the pet endures.  Not to mention the one-on-one service from start to finish so the pet does not have to deal with the stresses of different stylists and a a foreign environment with strange pets around them.

Are you a franchise?

No, we aren't a franchise.  Much like Critter Sitters of Lincoln, we have started this company, including the name and logo, from the ground up in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We try to display a professional image with everything we do, so when we are asked this question it is definitely taken as a compliment.

Should we schedule our next couple of grooming appointments in advance?

We highly recommend getting in the practice of at least scheduling one appointment in advance.  The more demand there is for our services, the harder it will be to keep your pet on a regular schedule if you don't book in advance.  The last thing we want is to leave a pet we regularly groom without a haircut or risk getting mats because they have to wait to long.  However, we realize this doesn't work for everyone.  If you prefer to simply call in each time, please just try to call with 2 weeks notice to give us adequate time to find a spot for your pet that fits your schedule.

Do you have to hook a hose or extension cord to our house to use our electricity and water to run your business?

All we need from you is your pet(s)!  Our units are completely self contained and do not rely on anything else in order to be a completely self running mobile grooming unit.

Do you recirculate and use the same water over and over again during a

day's appointments?

We have a separate very large tank for fresh water and an equally large tank of dirty water.  Both are completely separate and the dirty or gray water is emptied out at the end of every day.

If I have more than one dog I want groomed at the same time, do I get charged the convenience fee for each dog? 

You are only billed once for our convenience fee and the more pets you have groomed during that visit, the fee does go up.  However, it is a big savings to get them groomed at the same time.  Please see our Services & Rates page for details on the convenience fee and how it applies to multiple pets.

What options do we have so you can get in to the house to get the pet for the grooming appointment? 

Of course, one option is the owner can be home during the appointment.  Second, we can use a garage code.  Finally, you can let the office know of a place you can put the key outside, and when we are done with the pet(s) we can place it back inside for you. 

Do the pet stylists accept tips? 

Yes, they do accept them.  However, it is completely up to you.  If you feel the groomer deserves a little something extra then feel free to leave something to show your appreciation.  All tips are given to the groomers after the office reports the tips.  

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