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The main philosophy at Critter Clippers & Critter Sitters of Lincoln is to provide the best possible care for your pet in a professional yet caring way that keeps your pets where they are most comfortable, at home...and making the experience as convenient as possible for our clients.  Our grooming facilites are designed to provide every comfort possible for your pets.  Each equipped with the latest innovations in the grooming world to make the experience as stress free as possible for our staff and your pets.


Our trained pet stylists both have several years of grooming experience to be able to handle any situation.  Our pet sitters also have lots of experience dealing with all kinds of pets and situations to allow us to provide your pets with as stress free care as possible while you are away.


Special care is taken to ensure your pet has all the comforts of home while your pets are in our care.

Mobile Grooming

Phone: 402-580-5588

In-Home Pet Care

Proudly Serving Lincoln's Pets Since 2004

Office Hours:             Mon-Sat 8am - 4pm 

Phone: 402-580-5588

Critter Clippers/Critter Sitters

3103 N. 93rd Ct.

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