Critter Sitters - Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pet(s) receive individual attention?

Most definitely!  We believe it is important to give your pet(s) the best quality individualized attention we can give.  Without it, we know what kind of mischievous things they can do for attention, and we certainly don't want that!

Are you a franchise?

We get asked this a lot and take this question as a compliment.  It says to us that we present the professional image and service that a franchise might.  However, Critter Sitters of Lincoln was created and locally owned and operated by us.  We have lived in Nebraska most of their lives and built the company from the ground up going door to door to get our first customers on a very limited income.  By the way, special thanks to those first customers of ours who believed in us and are the pillars that helped us get to where we are today.

How much notice is needed?

During the majority of the year at least a week is preferred but 3-4 days is sufficient.  However, during the summer and holiday seasons we ask that customers call ASAP to reserve as soon as they know their itinerary is correct.

Do pet sitters get gratuity or tips?

This is completely up to you.  If you feel your pet sitter deserves a little something extra then please feel free to leave something to show your appreciation.  We certainly thank you for your generosity.  However, if you do not wish to or are not in the position, that too is your prerogative.  We get a reward in having the privilege to take care of your pets.  Just so you do know, 100% gratuity will go directly to your pet sitter(s).  

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